Drag March Returns to the Streets

Drag March
Taking it to the Streets!
Donna Aceto

Continuing a tradition dating back to 1994, the colorful Drag March returned to the streets on June 25 with the usual headline emblazoned on the lead banner — “It’s still just a Drag March.”

Hundreds joined together at Tompkins Square and marched to the Stonewall Inn during the fun and entertaining Friday night event. The energy was high and the smiles were everywhere — and often accompanied by laughs.

Co-founded in part by Rainbow Flag creator Gilbert Baker, the Drag March emerged 27 years ago and continued even last year when the pandemic sidelined many events across the city.

See the photos from this year’s Drag March:

Ready for anything!Donna Aceto
Always the most creative of creatives, Jamie LeoDonna Aceto
Queer Liberation March’s Kellen Gold is on it!Donna Aceto
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.Donna Aceto
Voted him out!Donna Aceto
Rainbow Revelers! Gilbert Baker would be Proud!Donna Aceto
Founding organizer and Perpetual Sister Hucklefaery Ken inspires the crowd.Donna Aceto
Lorenzo De Los Angeles can Drag it up AND save the planet!Donna Aceto
Rollerena awaits kickoff in her Chariot.Donna Aceto
Drag Kings Tricia Cooke and Virginia Vitzthum memorialize the moment.Donna Aceto