'A-List' Gay Conservative Claims Second Hate Crime

Logo reality star from Dallas says lunch with Ann Coulter led to car vandalism, assault

The gay conservative who appears on a reality TV show and says he was the victim of two anti-conservative hate crimes in the past six weeks refused the services of the Dallas Police Department’s crime scene detectives at the location of the most recent incident.

Taylor Garrett, who appears on Logo’s “The A-List Dallas,” said in published and police reports that he was punched and knocked to the ground on November 11 after he came upon a man scratching “Fuck Coulter” into his car.

According to Dallas Police Department reports, officers were called to 2800 Knight Street in Dallas, where the assault happened, at roughly 10:20 pm. Garrett was attending a birthday party at 3000 Knight Street and left the party to get a gift he left in the car. It was then that he came upon the man.

The man punched him once in the face and the punch knocked him to the ground, Garrett said. Garrett’s nose was bleeding and his left ear struck the curb, which also caused a cut and bleeding.

The police report notes that “Comp refused PES to the location.” The police department press office said that “comp” stands for complainant and “PES” stands for Physical Evidence Section, or the department’s crime scene unit.

It is not uncommon for complainants in minor crimes to refuse crime scene services because they may not want to wait for detectives or they may not want to clean up after them.

In Garrett’s case, however, it could be perceived differently.

In October, the 27-year-old claimed that someone had thrown a rock with a threatening note attached through his apartment window. On some gay blogs, the pristine condition of the rock and note bred skepticism about whether the attack was real. The first episode of “The A-List Dallas” was about to air and some commenters saw the attack as a staged event meant to promote the show.

The “Fuck Coulter” graffiti on the car is an apparent reference to Garrett’s lunch with Ann Coulter, the conservative commentator, which is part of an “A-List Dallas” episode –– one heavily promoted by Logo.

This latest attack has also been greeted with tremendous skepticism, and Garrett’s refusal to let detectives process his car for fingerprints or other physical evidence will probably fuel that skepticism.

Garrett did not respond to a call or email seeking comment.

He told the Daily Caller, a conservative web site that was the first outlet to report the November 11 attack, that he asked police to leave his name out of their reports because “I didn’t want to be in the press again about this.”

Garrett did not immediately treat his wounds or clean the blood off of his ear or chest, nor did he change his shirt. He waited until he got to his apartment about two hours later to take pictures of himself. His apartment is roughly two miles from the party location. He took a picture of the car the next day and gave those pictures to the Daily Caller.

Garrett and some of his fellow conservatives have been arguing that the attacks on him are evidence of left-wing gay intolerance toward those in the queer community on the right.