At Caveat, “Coming Out” Sans Caveats

Special guest Shakina (“Difficult People,” “Transparent ‘Musicale Finale'”) discusses one of her coming out stories with Dubbs Weinblatt.
Mary Dorn

Gay City News’ podcast “Thank You For Coming Out” kicked off its second season with a live celebration Saturday at Caveat on the Lower East Side. Featuring an intimate chat with actress Shakina (she/ her), best known for her work on “Difficult People” and “Transparent ‘Musicale Finale,’” the evening was its own musical event with several performances from the show’s past guests.

Emily Tarver and Vicci Martinez, both known for their work on “Orange Is the New Black,” perform an original musical duetMary Dorn

Host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/ them) and Shakina dove into Shakina’s coming out, her early work as a performance artist, and her experience working on “Transparent” over the course of a 40-minute candid — and, let’s just say it, at times hilarious — conversation.

In addition to the live interview, several previous podcast guests presented original music, including a live performance of the show’s theme, a comedic ode to the risks of hook-up apps by comedian Jay Malsky (they/ them), and a romantic duet between “Orange Is the New Black” actors Emily Tarver (she/ her) and Vicci Martinez (she/ her).

More than $350 from the evening’s proceeds will be donated to New Alternatives, a resource center dedicated to the care and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-positive homeless youth in New York City.

New York City-based comedian Jay Malsky performs an original songMary Dorn

The entire evening will be released for download this Thursday, January 30, as the second season premiere of the podcast. Among the upcoming episodes includes an interview with New York Times-bestselling author and “Making Gay History” podcast host Eric Marcus (he/ him).

All of the first season — including interviews with “Jagged Little Pill” Broadway star Lauren Patten (she/ her) and “The Good Fight” actor Sarah Steele (she/ her) — is also available for download.

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Writer, producer, and performer of the “Thank You For Coming Out” theme song Jody Shelton opens the show with a live performance.Mary Dorn