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Zikrayat featuring Shari Kamilah

July 26, 7 pm8 pm.


Zikrayat is an Arab music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting together the classical music and the dance traditions of Egypt, Lebanon, and the greater Arab World, in vibrant stage productions evoking the theatrical atmosphere and dramatic depth of classic Egyptian musical cinema. Alternating vocal and instrumental numbers with solo and group dance numbers, Zikrayat’s mission is to highlight the diversity of Arab culture for mainstream Western audiences in an authentic, yet entertaining contemporary representation. Led by Arab violinist, vocalist, composer, and teacher Sami Abu Shumays and Egyptian-style dancer Robin “Dameshe” Shumays, Zikrayat also features a talented lineup of performers of diverse backgrounds brought together by their devotion to these rich art forms. This performance will feature belly dancing by Shari Kamilah, who will perform to several classic Egyptian songs.

Sami Abu Shumays, Violin & Vocals
Zafer Tawil, Oud & Vocals
John Murchison, Qanun
Rami ElAasser, percussion


Gantry Plaza State Park 4-74 48th Ave.
Long Island City, NY US

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