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April 25, 7:30 pm9:30 pm.


Katharine Pettit Creative – KPC, in partnership with Episcopal Actors Guild Open Stage Grant, presents UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE, a new musical telling the story of three young people coming of age, spotlighting Queer Love through the challenges faced in today’s America.

KPC spotlights social injustices using dance as our universal language, changing minds by opening hearts through movement. KPC equally stands for “Keeping People Connected”.

UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE depicts three young people, “X”, “Y”, and “Z”, and their exploration of identity, including gender, orientation, citizen versus immigrant status and shows these young people embracing their power & autonomy as BIPOC LGBTQ+ persons, following their journey of self discovery as they navigate childhood and adolescence.

KPC’s work is motivated by today’s America & our belief that those deemed “other” by society are the Superheroes that will lead the way to a brighter future.

UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE began as an exploration of LGBTQ+ relationships, from platonic friendship to romantic connections, and evolved beyond the discovery of identity outside the binary construct of gender and orientation. With jazz fusion as the soundscape, UNTITLED thrives in the radical, uplifting non-traditional protagonists.

KPC is thrilled to finally be sharing LIVE in person performances after being delayed due to COVID since summer 2020 when KPC’s performance residency with Episcopal Actors Guild was originally awarded.

Performance Dates/Times, all located at the Episcopal Actors Guild Hall, seating limited to 40 tickets per performance, run time approximately 90 minutes including intermission:

Monday April 25th 7:30PM
Tuesday April 26th 7:30PM
Wednesday April 27th 7:30PM
Thursday April 28th 7:30PM

Thursday May 26th 7:30PM
Friday May 27th 7:30PM
Saturday May 28th 7:30PM
Sunday May 29th 7:30PM

Concept, Story, & Choreography by Katharine Pettit

Music composed by Logan Evan Thomas & Manner Effect

Featuring KPC Artists:

Shan Y. Chuang, Sarah Toumani, Samantha Bajonero, Katharine Pettit, Abby Dias, Rachel Lauria, Gregory J. Hanks

Lighting Design: Phoenix Sweeney

Graphic Design & Marketing: Roaring Lion Marketing

Associate Fight Choreographer: Shahzeb Hussain

Content/Trigger Warning:
UNTITLED GIRL NARRATIVE depicts incidences of escalating bullying and violence towards LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Youth. Created for ages 12+

Please reach out to Katie (contact@katharinepettitcreative.com) with any questions or concerns.


Episcopal Actors Guild 1 East 29th Street
New York City, NY 10016 United States

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