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Josiah Haken + Laura Ravo: Neighbors with No Doors

July 29, 7 pm8 pm.
$0 – $17.99


Join us for an in-person event with CEO with City Relief Josiah Haken for conversation about his new book Neighbors with No Doors: The Truth about Homelessness, and How You Can Make a Difference. Josiah will discuss how we can break down the stigma of homelessness and become a better neighbor along the way. Joining Josiah in conversation is the Chief Operating Officer at the Strand Book Store, Laura Ravo. This event will be hosted in the Strand Book Store’s 3rd floor Rare Book Room at 828 Broadway on 12th Street.


This event is FREE to attend.


Can’t make the event? Purchase a signed copy of Neighbors with No Doors here.



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The next time someone asks you for money on the street, Josiah Haken wants you to know what you’re doing. He wants you to break through the stereotypes and excuses — the politics and propaganda — the anxiety and questions. He wants you to engage the human being in front of you with confidence, compassion, and a plan. Neighbors with No Doors is your guide to getting there. With over a decade of experience in homeless outreach, Haken contradicts popular falsehoods about the unhoused community and offers helpful, pragmatic steps to becoming a friend and an advocate. Along the way, he tells disarming and profound stories from his time working on the street. At one point, his friend’s young daughter learns for the first time that many folks refuse to speak with unhoused people. She asks a challenging question: “Don’t people know they’re people too?” This book is grounded in that simple, straight-forward sense of humanity, and it illuminates a clear path for all of us to become better neighbors.


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Josiah Haken is currently the CEO with City Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting the homeless to resources that can change their lives. He oversees and strategizes countless outreaches, volunteers and follow-up care efforts.

Growing up as the son of missionaries in Yaoundé, Cameroon as well as working in the streets of New York City since 2010, Josiah has a unique perspective on the complexities of urban poverty and homelessness and believes that our homeless neighbors deserve our best, not just our leftovers.

Josiah is widely recognized as the “go-to person” in New York City when it comes to teaching others how to engage with the homeless. He leads workshops with many of NYC’s major organizations that deal with homelessness, as well as with many faith communities in NYC, NJ and across the US. He is also one of the leading strategists for Don’t Walk By, the largest faith-based outreach to the homeless in NYC that mobilizes thousands of volunteers and dozens of organizations throughout the month of February every single year.

Josiah graduated from Fresno Pacific University with his M.A. in Ministry, Leadership and Culture. His proudest accomplishments are deepening City Relief’s ability to connect the people they serve with the resources needed to give them a fresh start, as well as consistently maintaining a perfect foam to milk ratio on an extra dry cappuccino.


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Laura Ravo is the COO at Strand Book Store and a retail guru, whose talents and charisma have developed some of the highest performing teams in global retail. She embarked on her “accidental” career in college when she began her journey in retail as a part-time night associate in ladies lingerie.

Laura advanced as a leader with some of the greatest brands in the business—Macy’s, L Brands, LensCrafters, Oakley and The Body Shop. Scrappy determination and endless curiosity have been the cornerstone of her success for nearly 30 years as she worked across department stores and specialty retail.

Laura is sought after mentor, coach, speaker and author of the book The Power of Grit and Grace; A Women’s Journey to Putting the Heart Back into Retail Leadership coming out in August 2022. She was voted one of the Top Women in Retail in 2021 by Women in Retail Leadership Circle. She is an activist in her native NYC, serving as an outreach partner for City Relief and a parish outreach leader for Blessed Sacrament Church in the UWS.


Strand Book Store 828 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Rare Book Room
New York, 10003

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